I have been obsessed with Peru ever since I was about 10 years old and discovered the Incan Empire. I loved ancient history and I loved the Incans: their mummified priestesses, mountain cities, legends of enormous amounts of gold - it all fascinated me. I was determined to visit Machu Picchu if it killed me. 

I first visited Peru in 2010 with a short term service learning trip through my university. 
We volunteered in Cusco and yes, went to Machu Picchu. 

Cusco skyline!

Machu Picchu

I decided to study abroad in Peru and chose a program based in Lima. 

I lived in the lovely Miraflores neighborhood. 

bike paths

view of the sea!

Peru is an amazing country with three very distinct zones that vary ecologically and culturally: 

The Amazon jungle

Getting ready to trek!

The Andes 

Dancing in Cusco

View from the Sun Gate near Machu Picchu

Near Cabanaconde 

Hanging with some llamas

2nd time at Machu Picchu!  

And the coastal desert 
Lima is located in this region, and Ville El Salvador, a poor area where I volunteered, 
is built into the sand dunes surrounding the city 

In Huacachina, near the city of Ica

I loved studying abroad in Peru - 
I'm still in touch with friends down there and I hope to return someday soon! 

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