Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today marked two months in Lima.

Double the time I have ever spent abroad. Two months is a high school relationship. Two months was my summer job. Two months is the gestation time for terrier dogs, according to someone on WikiAnswers. Two months.

Unlike my big one month mark, I didn't wake up confused and dazed. I woke up on time, showered, went to class, came home, decided not to go to a cousin's birthday party because I was tired, tried to do homework, got distracted, got mad at myself for being distracted, blogged. At some point in there I tried to explain to my host sister that I was "in a funk". I can't seem to find a term for it in Spanish. I told her it was being in a bad mood for no apparent reason. I googled "idiom for in a funk in Spanish" and came up with youtube videos for Spanish Funk, which was nice.

So I am currently in a funk here in Peru, for no good reason. (Or is it the routine? Discouragement? Tired? Stress?) I have a good life. Most of my days are full of activity and I complain about being busy. Here comes along one Tuesday with nothing to do but homework and I crumble a little. Funk.

It's Semana Santa, leading to Easter, a huge holiday here in very Catholic Peru, and I'm depressed I'm not going to Ayucucho, a center for festivities, due to my own lack of planning. (Hmm...maybe I should actually read my guidebook?) My heart isn't with the rhythm of this season.

I need to shake this off. Done with complaining. Also, committed to writing more here, instead of just thinking about it. Tell your friends. Tell your family.

Vignettes, that's where I'm gonna go, more vignettes.

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