Friday, April 29, 2011

Sublime Quest!

No, the title of this blog is not a combination of two '80s/'90s band names (Sublime and a Tribe Called Quest) but the delicious chocolate of Peru called Sublime (pronounced the Spanish way - Sub-leem-ay). This chocolate is delicious, cheap and addictive. I love it. I had heard tell also about the glorious Sublime Ice Cream and decided it must be had. I attempted to buy this elusive treat while out to dinner with friends but was twice thwarted by the said "friends" own desire for Sublime Ice Cream - they bought it all first. Then I decided that if I didn't buy any treats for a week I could have a Sublime ice cream (it's slightly more expensive at 3 soles - sacrifices had to be made). I managed this task and then, one fine morning, it was the day. I set out to buy Sublime Ice Cream.

I first headed to Vivanda where I had seen it before.

Vivanda didn't have it. Selfish people had bought it all.

And D'nafria people with their cool yellow carts never do. Sublime Ice Cream is that upscale.

This tienda near my house didn't have it.
(But they do have a lighter they let you use when you buy cigarettes there - how nice of them.)
(not that I buy cigarettes there, but I have witnessed it. I promise.)

This fruit stand of course didn't have it, but it did make me feel guilty
for wanting ice cream and not fruit.

This store had it!!

Look at the delicious Sublime (and my tiny foot!) Glorious moment!

(Also, Blogger won't let me un-underline this...??)

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