Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 18th

Yesterday was one year to the day that I left for Peru. I remember freaking out the night before as I realized my bag was definitely over weight and I really couldn't speak Spanish and I was about to go stay in a hostel in a huge city all by myself and then volunteer with a project I had found online run by people I had never met that didn't speak any English.

As any wise person would do, I bought Julie Andrew's song "Confidence" from The Sound of Music
(Listen here if you need some confidence!) so I could listen to it on the plane, panicked slightly and then stood as tall as I could with my heavy backpack and left.

That began one of the craziest weeks of my life in which I met some incredibly handsome Argentines, had deep late night talks with European travelers, and was kissed in a grocery store. And most importantly I met the family of Building Dignity, some of the most inspiring people I know.

And that week was only the beginning of a semester that was all I could hope for. I wish I could be back in it - I wish I could trade in all those Saturday mornings I slept in and use them to explore Lima further, or have just one more over dinner conversation with my host family. 

As much as I will always treasure my Lima semester, I still feel like it is only the beginning. I refuse to let it be my one big abroad experience. Onward and upward! 

Let's reminisce in photos, shall we?

Parque Kennedy. The weekend art sellers out in full force.

View from the Malecon. Nothing like living above the ocean.

Where I volunteered in Villa El Salvador. A movie night!

Arequipa, Peru. Now that's a story....

The Amazon river at sunset, after a rain.

Celebrate Peru parade!

With a dancer and my papa.

Some of my English students

An Andean village on market day

Their town square and church.

Pisco sours with friends.

Mi mejor amiga peruana, Rose. 

I love this photo. That is why I made it big. 

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