Thursday, February 9, 2012


I am really tired and pretty stressed and have so many small things to get done and don't know when I can do them and oh, wait, what is my life plan?!?!

To quote a great man: "When I am sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead." (Who said it?) 

So here is a list of why life is awesome!

1. I have an awesome internship with the Smithsonian where I hang out with anthropology nerds and we chat about stuff like art in Colombia and vertical gardens.

2. Today I met two people who had majored in International Relations and Political Science, respectively. They both told me they wished they had studied anthropology and were trying to study it now. I felt so validated in my choice of major.

3. My roommate is playing Ethiopian music. I like it.

4. I am about to go to rehearsal and speak the immortal words of Shakespeare. That's amazing.

5. I am drinking tea.

6. Tomorrow I have lunch plans with an old friend I never get to see!

7. Saturday I am going to an event called The Power of Chocolate at the Museum of the American Indian. Come on. That's really amazing.

8. I am wearing a skirt that has pockets.

9. Someday, I am going back to South America to have adventures in the Andes. This is a promise to myself and a life goal. My track record of making life goals is pretty good so far. And I never break promises.

10. I am where I always told myself I would be in life. I might have come to it in a round about way, but I arrived. My middle school self would be proud. 

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  1. Well, I knew you when you were your middle school self. Let me tell you, we are all proud of you. You must have had terrific parents.