Monday, April 23, 2012

Words of Wisdom from the Cubicle

I am sitting in a little study cubicle in my university's library. It's already 9:30 and today will be a late night....actually, until finals are over, they will all be late nights.

I've been too stressed to be nostalgic lately, too much in the "keep calm and just graduate" mode to do anything but look forward to the end of classes with relief. (You wouldn't believe it with all the nostalgic posts I've been writing, I suppose...) 

But the nostalgia came back when I sat down in this cubicle and, of course, the first thing I did was read all of the comments scribbled over its surface. Sometimes there is real wisdom in these old, scratched wooden cubicles... once a poem I really liked, other times just "I love so-and-so" or "school sucks."

Here's this cubicle:

Written in green, naturally:

On January 25th, 2011
we witnessed the start of the Egyptian Revolution

(with Arabic following it...sadly, can't translate that for you) 

After that, a series of comments in reference to "long live Egypt" 
Some party pooper: It’s not a person…it can’t be dead or alive
      Some angry person: You are a moron.
         Someone who thinks they are really funny: Everyone in Egypt is a mummy, duh. 

On the other side of the cubicle:

In 2011 Alone, 680 rockets were fired from Gaza at innocent Israeli civilians.

(can you tell I go to a political school?) 

and also a RIP Steve Jobs on a tomb stone. 

Then, on the 3rd wall, a message in Chinese. 

Before you get all impressed by my political, current event savvy, international school (but really, you should be impressed), we also have the usual

420 all day every day 

(why you would feel the need to express that in the library, I do not know...)

I'll miss this place - the political frenzy that starts debates no matter where you go, the fact that we are all such news junkies that missing even one day of the Times or CNN will have you standing bewildered in conversation, the fact that just about everyone speaks multiple languages and yeah, even the kids who apparently go to the library to express their love for recreational drugs...I'll sorta miss those crazy hooligans too. 

The last quote on the cubicle, written in curling, neat handwriting, (so you know I didn't add it!) fits perfectly:

Studying for last semester of finals @ GW! 

Let's do this. 

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