Monday, July 30, 2012

Beautiful People on the Hill

Living in DC you can't get away from politics. Political debates are a normal over happy hour discussion. Nearly every one's job is somehow tied to the government. If it's not, they wish it were. Protests and motorcades are the norm and I have been to parties where they had to make explicit "no political debating" rules. (I'll be honest, that was partially directed to me.)

Going to George Washington University only heightens the political intensity - my friend's facebook pages reads like the opinion section of a newspaper. But this isn't to say we don't know how to have a good time or focus on something other than our connections to political leaders and voting history.

 One of the beloved traditions of DC is The Hills 50 Most Beautiful People report that comes out every year (meaing Capitol Hill).  It's a thing for some people to compare which political party is "most beautiful" this year. I think I would prefer if they came out with the Most Interesting People list, because honestly, I could only get to number 23 before I became bored. You can only read about so many people who claim to be "addicted to running" and "all about eating healthy". Also, I had no idea beauty contests were even still a big deal- how were half of these women beauty queens? How exactly did that lead into a political career? (I could wax cynical about beauty and public speaking being more important in politics than education and hard work, but I'll refrain.)

Either way, some of my faves of the list!

This guy.
This woman. Way to trump Hollywood stereotypes that say women over 25 can't be beautiful!
This lady is adorable.
I love her necklace.
This man is from Georgia, and apparently a Southern Gentleman, but sadly engaged.

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