Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday!

I get music obsessions. And specifically, song and artist obsessions. When I hear a song I like, I find the music video. Then I google the artist and learn their entire life story. Then I look at photos of them and their changing styles. Then I find their other work and listen to that too. Then I go back to the original song and watch the music video again and post it on Facebook. Then I buy the song and listen to it a million times (because a song sounds different while running, while driving, while on the metro, and while cleaning your room - scientific fact.)  Eventually, I put the song aside for a month or so, only to rediscover it later, and enjoy it all over again.

That is the trajectory of a song obsession.

So here are a few recent and current obsessions!

Robyn: Call Your Girlfriend

I tried to make my hair do that but it didn't work out... 

Current obsession. Robyn came to DC and DJ'd at U Street Music Hall, an awesome venue in the city. A friend and I waited in line for tickets but they were sadly sold out. However, we did get into a great conversation about how awesome Robyn's hair is with a few other fans. Seriously, her hair rocks. I love Robyn for her fiercely independent style as much as her music. Girl can really get you dancing without having to wear low cut tops.

Janelle Monae:  Tightrope

Look at that face. Lovely. 

Janelle Monae is another female artist who doesn't toe the party line. She always wears a suit these days. Like, always. And she looks fabulous in it, along with her also amazing hair. The music video for Tightrope is one of my all time favorites. Look how classy everyone is! Janelle also has this whole strange story line going with her concept albums about androids and robots etc. I'm not a huge concept album person, but whatever floats her boat. She was in an interview once where the interviewer asked if she was dating anyone. Janelle answered that she only dates androids. The interviewer thought the reply was annoying and affected. I thought it was a nicer way of saying "mind ya business". Janelle is also one of the most gorgeous women ever and is in my list of Most Gorgeous Women Ever. (Making lists is one of my favorite things.)

Peter Fox: Alles Neu

What a stud. 

So my obsession with Peter Fox's song Alles Neu does not follow the usual path - mostly because I cannot find a way to buy the song anywhere!!! United States, PLEASE get up on your German reggae/rap music. Come on, guys. (And if you know where I can buy it so I can do some extreme German running, let me know.)

This song was one of my favorite pump up songs during finals. (It's a great way to prop your eyes open during an all nighter.) It's so intense but, since I don't speak German, the lyrics don't distract me from studying or churning out a paper. Also, I might have taken dance breaks to it. I like almost every Peter Fox song I've heard actually (yup, I stalked all his music) as well as his work with the band Seeed. This music video is one of my faves though - the drum line is amazing! And for some reason I just really enjoy the monkey masks. Also, I find Peter Fox strangely attractive in a "partially paralyzed face and shouting German at you" kind of way.

So there you go! A new study/dance/work out playlist brought to you by a child of the youtube generation. Enjoy!

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  1. I like this music! Surprisingly I think the German guy is my favorite :)