Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm a Feminist and I (sometimes) Shave My Legs!

 Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. ~Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler

I follow a number of feminist blogs/websites, particularly focusing on women in the media
 (Miss Representation being one of my favorite!) and thus, I feel like it is my duty, 
as a sometimes blogger and always feminist, to make this post.
Also, I will probably at some point write about my disgust about how women are portrayed in movies/video games, how chick-lit and chick-flicks are silly, etc etc.
And knowing what feminism means will just get us all on the same page. 

The above quotes say it all, really. 
Do you think women should vote?
 Should they be able to work outside the home?
Should they control their own money? 

Then you are a feminist.   

Feminism does NOT mean you think women are better than men. That would not be equality. 

I am feminist not only because, duh, I want to control my meager bank account and have a chance for a career, but because women are still abused, raped, harassed and molested every day. 
Statistically speaking, the odds are good you know someone who was raped. I do. 
 And I would bet money that you know a woman (or are a woman) that has been harassed in some way just for being a woman, whether it was unwanted touching or verbal harassment or some other form. 

Of course, a lot of women I know would still never claim they are a feminist, for many reasons.
They feel it goes against their religious beliefs, or will make people suspect they don't shave their legs, 
or maybe they will never get a boyfriend.

Hey, it's a risk you gotta take with the boyfriend 
- men always look at me askance when I say I'm a feminist.
Probably because I say it while wearing a pink sundress and they, 
bred on media's image of the manly or cold-hearted business woman feminist, 
are very confused.

(also, do you really want to date a man that doesn't want equality for women,
or is that easily confused/brain-washed by media? 
Probably not.) 

Some people say that we should just stop using the word, it has become so tainted.
 Others say we should reclaim it.
I use it because it is easier than saying equal-rights-for-everyone-no-matter-their-gender.
(but of course then I have to explain what feminism means, 
so maybe it would just be quicker so say that.) 

And honestly, I probably use it because I like to see the shock on people's faces 
and revel in their uncomfortable silence. 
You would think I said I was a member of The Ax Murderers Club. 

There are a million articles that can explain what being a feminist means a lot better than I can, 
but perhaps where we differ is that I am also a pro-life feminist.
(Yes! We exist!)
Check out more about that here at the awesome
Feminists for Life organization.

Anyway, I hope we understand each other now, 
you and I, dear reader (all three of you) who stumbled across this blog somehow.

And that is all!

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