Thursday, November 29, 2012

Texts from Georgia 2

My beloved Nokia rarely leaves my side in this country -it's vitally important for emergency texts when going on to your fourth hour at a supra or your sixth on a marshutka. This month's installment of texts aren't quite as heavy on the bowel movement commentary (maybe our stomachs have adjusted) but are just as full of the every day perils (and triumphs) of Georgian life.  Enjoy!

(This text was received as I was editing this post):

"Snake Master! 3600!"

"I'm in a van full of people with a cake in a dark ally and I have no idea why. 
My life in Georgia defined."*

"If this wasn't Georgia I'd be worried for you"

"I feel like I spend about 90% of my time in this country in stationary marshutkas,
 waiting for them to leave."

"I just got shoved in a room and left with about 20 6th graders
 who stare at me like I'm about to do a trick"

"my host family must think i'm really weird now. I got up to go to the toilet and I was doing pull ups on the stairs, which I often do when I walk down, to avoid shriveling up, and my host brother walked out and just saw me swinging from the stairs at one in the morning. Westerners, eh?"

"Almost fell off the ladder to my room. Yes, I have a ladder to my room"

"I just broke 2000 on snake. That was my goal for today."

"The second our power goes out my host dad looks at me and says "do you want some vodka?"

"...a priest just came over, speaking good English, and laughing hysterically splashed my face with holy water and befriended me on skype."

"I just fell into a sewer hole :("

"My host dad just used women's perfume and asked if i wanted some."

"Happy Thanksgiving! Close your eyes and imagine the lobio is stuffing!"

"Sitting in the dark living room playing tetris. Electricity is out. How many more hours are left of today?"

"Just had a yelling match with the barber and walked out half trimmed."

"The entire walk to school has become a giant mud swamp. I almost slipped and fell in it this morning. I feel like it's bound to happen eventually."

*That first text was from me. It was a scary, freezing van, very dark ally and a super huge cake. Naturally, the night ended in a 6 hour long supra in a tiny village  and us all rollicking back home around 1 in the morning, blasting traditional music on the rural highway.

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