Monday, January 14, 2013

A Week in the Life

Note: Again, this was written in Georgia and is just being posted now for various reasons, such as my life being weird, fast-paced, and the subject of a documentary film (that last part was a lie) (that second part was only half true).

2nd note: upon re-reading, I find the tone very cynical, which I believe was due to lack of contact with the outside world for some time, and an abundance of strange situations and/or supras. Please be forgiving. 

This weekend I got my first marriage proposal. So that was cool. By which I mean awkward. It was the at-least-30-year-old neighbor man who comes pretty much every night and hardly talks. He has spoken to me maybe 3 times. He sat down beside me at my host sister's birthday supra and abruptly asked (in Georgian): In America, you are Christian? Catholic? Protestant?" By that I took to mean if I was Christian - (in Georgia I've found they sometimes assume an entire country is one religion, like Georgia supposedly is (Georgian Orthodox)). I told him I was Protestant. 

A little later I was informed by some of the attendees who spoke a little English (read: high school students) that this man wished to marry me and that he loved me. The man did not deny it. I replied that I could not get married, I had to go back to the USA. They all said he could go with me. Oh yes, the nearly silent man who can only speak Georgian and apparently owns only two, very '80's sweaters. We would have a lot to talk about.

He didn't come over tonight like he usually does and I felt kinda bad. Maybe I missed out on a great opportunity to find a perfect Thrift Store Sweater Buying Partner. I will never know.  

I didn't feel very well today, due to the supra of last night, but still went to some meeting on domestic violence put on by US AID and sat near the US Ambassador to Georgia (but didn't get to talk to him! ugh!) and some Georgian man started yelling at everyone and the meeting was chaos because this is Georgia and that is what happens in meetings. 

I've mentioned how they also don't have a concept for cheating, only "helping". I saw it in action again tonight. My sis was helping my brother by doing all his homework and then she wanted my help by letting me write her entire English essay. (I refused.) Meanwhile, my host mom watched all of this and found it perfectly natural. Georgian's aren't dishonest people (in fact, they are incredibly honest) - they just seem to have the idea that if someone else is struggling with something, why wouldn't you help them out....a lot? 

Editor's note: This post ended abruptly as the author was busy applying to jobs, planning trips and then left for Istanbul. So the title was really a misnomer, and this was more of "Two Days in the Life" 


  1. No worries, when you return this summer, we can buy ALL of the thrift store sweaters!

    Also, helping each other is a very post-soviet mindset, I believe. It is all communal. No one gets ahead based on hard work. My taxi driver in Ukraine chose his profession because he was paid more doing that than using his degree in engineering. Such is life.

  2. so jealous of your lyfe adventuras. well guess what I am going to adventura myself to australia & new zealand and go on wintry hiking fellowship journeys through LOTR territory with Ains + Bels. & hopefully swing you around the beaches of the DR to tequila shots, bachata & the sunrise this April.