Thursday, July 7, 2011

At least I can write my paper in English...

Little Peruvian favorites:

- Having a Peruvian friend send me wall posts from her US American love interest's Facebook page so I can translate them. Translating jokes made about American history is hard. Harder yet is figuring out the jokes center around the fact that this guy might have rabies. Say what?!

- Hearing the sound of a dentist drill at all hours (as in, right now). My host sister's dentist office is in our small apartment. It's not as bad as it sounds, (haha pun!) the noise no longer fills me with fear, but feels kinda like home....

Our breakfast room and the dentist office. From the door of my bedroom.

- Green tea out of a Teletubbies mug.

Hydration is key!
(this was when I was sick. But I am using the same mug right now)

- Everyone complaining about the "lluvia" (rain) which is actually just a mist....


STILL working on this same paper.

The strange case of the disappearing socks. ALL of my socks.

Saying goodbyes.

PS. One month exactly until I arrive in the United States of America.

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