Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Forgot to Post in the Fourth of July....

I have now spent the Fourth of July in Oxford, England, New York City,
the middle of the woods in a cabin with a bunch of kids, and Lima, Peru.

We are Ammurican! Red & White & Blue, Coca-Cola, Beer and MEAT!
(that's a piece of chicken)

I Love You, good ol' USA! Nothing like living abroad to make you love your home country...

And as we toasted during our makeshift 4th of July party and sing-a-long....
To the USA!
To recycling!
To flushing your toilet paper!
To drinking tap water!
To not having security guards hit on you!
To thrift stores!
To second hand book stores!
To knock-knock jokes!
(this managed to waylay us into a lesson of knock-knock jokes to one of our Peruvian friends)

and finally...
"To Harry Potter!"
"thats from England!"
"Yeah...but I like it!"

(putting old enmities aside this Fourth...)

I miss you, America. See you soon.

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