Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Starbucks Good Times

I'm sitting in Starbucks in Lima.

Now, before you accuse me of being a super commercialized American, this is my first time in Four and a half months that I have come to Starbucks. After a morning of paper editing, I am set to start on my next and final essay and staying in my apartment for the rest of the day was simply too terrifying of an option. I also wanted something sweet and the internet, so here I am.

My name is Maria today. Well, ok, my name is Maria everyday in Peru, but usually Maria Elena.

I had to fight for a table. I consider myself a city Starbucks veteran, but these people are fast...I missed two good tables before I could nab a third.

They are playing Girl in the War, by Josh Ritter, one of my favorite songs (though its very sad. as per usual, listening while you read will give you such a better blog reading experience).

Also, WHY do so few LimeƱos clean up after themselves in restaurants?! Seriously, everyone just leaves their cups and plates on the tables....the trashcan is right by the door, people.

These students at Catolica are not going to clean up their tray.
USA says: Jerks. Peru says: other people are paid to pick it up.

And after that rant...

It's doing it's very best to rain which means, in Lima, heavy mist that still manages to make puddles. From the window I can see the umbrellas of Pinkberry and the steeple of the lovely baroque Catholic church.

It's all very surreal and very everyday, at the same time.

I spend far too much time in Starbucks in DC, mostly because it's close, 24-hours, and on my meal plan card.

Too much Starbucks in DC. (Not all mine...)

And now here I am at the end of my semester, sitting at Starbucks in Miraflores, Lima.

As a kid, I always pictured myself jaunting around international cities, being really posh and taking weekend trips to Machu Picchu. Well, I don't look very posh and cities is more like one city, but hey, I did go to Machu Picchu... and while I have plenty of regrets from this semester (why didn't I take those salsa classes? Why did I speak so much English? Why did I eat those tamales that one time??) I'm still living the dream.

Thanks God!

(oooo now some song with a harmonica intro came on. I love harmonicas.)

This post is dedicated to Kristin, who is bold and snarky and often seen at Starbucks.

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  1. ahaha How did I miss this post? That Starbucks cup tower really looked familar...ah can't wait for senior year!