Monday, January 2, 2012

Life Lately

I was in DC, and I survived finals, and it was Christmas time, and I came home to Georgia and we celebrated Christmas and a birthday and New Years. And that is what life has been about lately. 

I am trying to decide if I will start writing more in this blog or, 
with this bright and shiny new year, 
start a bright and shiny new blog. 

I have opinions to share, you see, also funny stories and good photos and really, 
everyone should be very interested in my life. 
You especially. 

For example, in a new blog/revamped blog I will be telling stories such as: 
the man who tried to kiss me in the metro,
 and the time I hiked a canyon in a thunderstorm, 
and how I found myself in a dance off in a DC bar. 

Am I such a great storyteller? 
Well, I did unofficially win Best Story of 2011 at a New Years Eve party I attended. 
We all shared some rip roaring tales, and my story of hanging out with a shaman and his puppies in the Amazon jungle was a big crowd pleaser.

So wether I continue here, or lead you to a new location, stick with me. I promise, it will be an entertaining way to procrastinate from that other thing you really got online to do. 

Happy 2012 to all!

ps. I revamped this blog a bit. So you can keep following me on here! I know you want to! 

PPS.  A New Years Promise (for real, pinky promise) is to write more on here. It will be good practice, and save my poor roommates from my ramblings. 

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