Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sappy Sunday Nights

This sign was on a biking/hiking trail I meandered along over winter break. 
It epitomizes how I feel about life right now.
I graduate in three months. 
What next?

I mean, I am applying to some cool opportunities, and I have an internship for the summer
and I'm not even looking for a "real" job yet....
but I am still a little overwhelmed.

I love where I am right now in my life. I am in an amazing city, at an awesome school,
with a fabulous apartment, roommates I love, great friends and a wonderful church.

It's hard to plan for the future when you love where you are so much.
(But hey, at least I didn't have a horrible college experience right?)

Back when I graduated from high school (and had really long hair and didn't know how to open my eyes) I was so ready to get out of there planning was no problem: I was going to study abroad, and explore a new city, and make new friends, and do things I have never done before.

And I did. 

Now, planning is so much further's not just choosing a school. 
It's choosing a life.

Not my whole life of course, but at least a year or two. 

Some days I am so excited for that.
 And some days I listen to this song a million times and become really nostalgic and question all of my decisions and abilities and go a little crazy. 

And Sunday nights are the worse.
(The Super Bowl doesn't change that fact for people like me that pay more attention to the horribly sexist commercials than the messages hurt women!)
(Ok that is another blog post. ) 
Looking back on a week, looking ahead. 

But hey, it's been an amazing 22 years thus far. 
I have faith it will continue to be amazing. 

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