Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Fictional (and still terrible) Break Up

I just got broken up with by a fictional character.

That may sound ridiculous, but it is entirely true. See, I just got cast in my favorite play ever, Much Ado About Nothing, with a pretty substantial role actually. It's a love story, and the guy playing the Love of My Life seemed like a nice chap, and I was excited to start rehearsal.

But then the Love of My Life quit. He left me.

Ok, so he really just left the show, not me personally, probably for very good reasons. Being in a play and in school can get really stressful and I totally understand. But rather than feel that a logical fellow student made a logical and sound decision, I thought only of the character he was playing and how that character was now gone and I was alone and would have to face being a scorned spinster for the rest of my life!

It has been a rough night.

That is how rough it has been.  
Actually, that is how The Best Friend comforts me: tough love with nerf guns.
It works.

I reacted with terribly stereotypical actions: chocolate, skype with best friend, inability to focus on schoolwork, anger, tea drinking.

It's as bad as when Laurie and Jo did not end up together in Little Women, when Joaquin leaves Eliza in Daughter of Fortune, when Katniss can't make up her mind in The Hunger Games and when that Stupid Guy asked the Cute Girl out like, three times and then never talks to her again....that book is titled My Life. Still in production.

But you know, to love is to be vulnerable. Even loving fictional characters makes you vulnerable - they may die (like Fred Weasley...that tears me up every time) or they may leave you, like the Love of My Life. We could have had it all, Love, rolling in the deep...

I know this is likely just hysteria brought on by facing my very last semester in college and all the stresses that brings. So I am just going to finish this paper about how yoga fits in with my dreams (yes, that is my homework) and go to bed with my shattered, bleeding, fictional heart made of sonnets and fairy tales.

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