Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holidays: A Poetry/Photo Montage

(A very bad poem using limerick rhyme scheme and a rhyming dictionary. 
In each verse I tried to use at least one outrageous rhyming dictionary suggestion.) 

This year I came home for Winter Break
And it came almost too late
My semester was stressful 
My course load was high
And I nearly met an ill fate 

 But I made it to my lovely home
and felt that I could never roam
so far again from trees and fields
and Southern food and Southern words
Not even for polyurethane foam

I was excited to celebrate the holidays
with words of Christmas song and praise
with my mom's Spice Tea and cookies
with friends and family and anyone who came 
even with Rutherford B. Hayes

We went to my Grandpa's house
Where no one could grouse 
because there was fried fish a plenty 
and the view was pristine 
and no sight of a sucking louse

I read oh so very many books
about God and poetry and crooks
I think I broke my personal record
as I lost myself in the new worlds
and came out hungry for chinooks* 

I went to a New Year's Eve party
Where the food and the laughter was hearty
our sweaters were tacky 
and our stories were funny 
and luckily no one was farty. 

There were sad times and glad times
and the occasional eating of limes
Now to face my very last semester
With good cheer and with courage
and hopefully very few crimes 

PS I would recommend any of the books in the above photo! 

*I am using this word as a reference to a "large Pacific salmon" not a member of the Chinook tribe, because, you know, I don't eat people. 

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  1. Even though I was having a lovely time with my family in Florida, I missed the candlelight service and your parent's party. I always love it so much,it was hardly Christmas without it. Glad you had a good time.