Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swimming It Alone

This post is dedicated to Helen,
 whose wisdom and encouragement pushed me 
to waste my time on many a silly website. 

The Olympics are over, but don't despair - the memories, friendships, overly intense patriotism and ridiculous trivia are here to stay!

Most importantly, you can watch solo synchronized swimming on youtube. Yup, that used to be an Olympic sport. I can imagine how it all came about....

Olympic Committee Member 1: I say old chap, the Russian synchronized swimming doubles team has lost a member to an over chlorinated pool and I do feel terrible for poor dear Svetlana, she is a lovely swimmer.

Olympic Committee Member 3: Why, that is awful, dear boy! Let us create an event so that poor, dear Svetlana can swim all the same! Also, I don't know what an oxymoron is!

And so solo synchronized swimming was born.  Eight years later, they realized that one cannot be synchronized with oneself, and they scrapped it. But solo synchronized swimming lives on, in other competitions, in our hearts and minds, and on youtube:

 Link here

But in all seriousness, I love the Olympics and am so sad it's over. Here are my two favorite Olympic bits from the internet, not counting the Maroney Disapproval Meme and all of those photos of the beautiful American swim team....

Michael Phelps looking like a monkey and a really cool shot of Maroney being an awesome gymnast 

I am so proud of all the American athletes! USA!

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