Sunday, September 9, 2012

Goals, Predictions, a New World!

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I love writing lists. Lists are great. I write lists when I'm bored, overwhelmed, procrastinating...I almost made that a list, but instead I used commas, which is like a lazy list. To Do lists are my favorite, because just making them makes you feel accomplished. And you are. Don't let your roommate that finds your fifth To Do List of the day written on the back of a Starbucks receipt tell you otherwise!

I've only been in Georgia for 10 days, and haven't even started teaching yet, but things are happening fast. Yesterday I watched my host mom switch roles from elegantly dressed matriarch, to political activist, to chicken killer (and plucker and cooker) in one afternoon. I went to the bathroom in an outhouse and used Georgian newspaper as toilet paper (add that to the list of Weird Places I Have Peed). I taught my host siblings to play Thumb War and I almost died on mountain roads in a thunderstorm.

Tonight I attended my first supra (a massive feast with lots of wine, chacha (moonshine) and toasting!), became a minor celebrity and was asked for photos, and received toasts for myself, my parents (be excited Mom and Dad!), and my siblings.

It's high time for a List!

List of Realistic Goals While in Georgia:

  1.  Go to the Black Sea
  2. Hike in the Caucuses Mountains
  3. See Folk Dancing  (They dance with knives!) 
  4. Actually teach some children some English 
  5. Write everyday
  6. Be able to hold a basic conversation in Georgina (past "how are you?" and without help from hand signals/broken English) 
Slightly Less Realistic Goals Due to Scheduling Conflicts: 
  1.  Go to Armenia
  2. Read all those classic books I have on my Kindle 
List of Predictions for Four Months from Now: 

1.  I will be fat due to the massive amounts of food made entirely of carbs
2. I will answer simple questions in SpanKartulish
 I already answer questions in Spanglish. Then today I tried to say something in Spanish and I said it     in Georgian. It's bound to happen.
3. Speak English in a Georgian accent.
        The only English speakers I am around have very thick Georgian accents. I'm prone to picking up accents accent-dentally (hahahahhaha! ok it's been a long day of supra-ing) like when I'm in rural South Carolina with my cousins.

So now that you read these lists you can all question me on my goals and welcome me home with open arms even if you almost mistake me for an overweight, unintelligible mountain lady. Thank you in advance. 

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  1. I keep telling you, you are not going to get fat. It's just not in your genes.

  2. I would like my choice of milkshake flavor....also I am concerned that if we have milkshakes too many boys will show up in your for thought.