Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Guessing Game

I'm enjoying some Georgian tea (from Batumi to be exact) while the rain falls gently outside and I am soothed by the sweet tones of Norah Jones and my host brother reciting his lessons. 

All this calmness calls for a guessing game! 

A Guessing Game 

What is this?

a. a Fruit of the Loom commercial
b. a program to encourage children to eat healthy
c. Tbilisoba, an annual festival in Tbilisi.

And this?? 

a. My walk to school
b. Beginners rock climbing class
c. A recently uncovered ancient fortress that was underneath a main thoroughfare in Tbilisi.

What am I doing here?

a. Working for my keep by mashing potatoes
b. running the electrical generator 
c. helping make homemade wine 

If you guessed C for all of them, you were right!! 
Enjoy your prize of being a basically intelligent person and looking at a few random photos!

I love the old Tbilisi streets

Tea and Honey Festival?!? Oh yes! 

Tbilisi is a lovely city

Crushing grapes for wine 

Grape harvest! Those buckets are extremely heavy.

The women pick the grapes and fill the buckets and 
the men come along to exchange the full buckets for empty ones. 

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  1. Wow, what a lovely place. When you come home I want to talk to you about wine making.