Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Monday

Blast from the past, here's a revival of Music Monday! 
Enjoy three powerfully voiced women and their beautiful music videos! 

Into the Wild 

This is my new favorite song. During these challenging past few weeks (sickness, busyness, etc) 
I've had it on repeat.
Also, I love the landscape in this video - especially as I try to plan
my own escape out west! 

Ane Brun
Do You Remember

Thanks to a good friend of mine, I was introduced to this stellar music video. 
It's my favorite of the bunch I'm sharing today. And what a voice! 

Lykke Li
I Follow Rivers

I love this song, and the many fabulous re-mixes of it.
 If you like Lykke Li then check out "Get Some" and "Unrequited Love" as well! 

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